Your all-in-one training solution. Full-body workouts that include both resistance training and conditioning with every session.

The P/S Hybrid program is all about getting the most out of your workouts when time is at a premium. If you have a busy schedule to juggle but don’t want to compromise on the quality of your workouts, the Hybrid program might just be for you. Build strength, improve your conditioning, and be in and out of the gym in less than an hour.

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We often say that good program design is an exercise in scarce resource management. And very often, the resource in short supply is time. Writing a training program for a pro athlete with hours to burn is easy. But writing a workout plan for a busy professional who can barely scrape together a few gym trips each week? Now that’s a challenge. It means making tough choices about how to spend your time in order to squeeze the most out of each minute of your training.

We accomplish this by focusing on exercises and modalities that yield the biggest return for your investment of time. This means prioritizing bigger, compound lifts like squats and presses over smaller accessory lifts, as well as conditioning formats that emphasize intensity over duration. The end result is a quick-paced, highly-varied workout that’s light on compromises and heavy on results (it’s also fun, if that’s the kind of thing that matters to you).

So if you’re short on time but still looking for the complete package when it comes to your workouts, the P/S Hybrid program was designed just for you.

Some resistance training experience is recommended for this program

This program includes exercises that
require access to a full-service gym