Advanced workouts for trainees looking to add some serious muscle mass.

Simply put, hypertrophy is the technical term for building muscle mass. It’s often thought that building muscle and getting strong is the same thing, but that’s not the whole story. The two are related, of course, but not identical. This is why the strongest athletes in the world – Olympic Weightlifters and Powerlifters – don’t often look much like bodybuilders. And similarly, bodybuilders aren’t usually as powerful as top-tier athletes. And which direction you want to go often requires subtle but important differences with your training.

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The P/S Hypertrophy Program focuses heavily on building muscle through advanced training methods and the proper application of volume and loading. You can expect lots and lots of repetitions with the same muscles, over and over.

You’ll frequently encounter punishing extended set methods like giant sets, tri-sets, and drop sets, among others. Similarly, a large portion of your hypertrophy workouts center around body-part splits, such as “chest & triceps” or “back & biceps.” Hypertrophy workouts are structured in this manner to accumulate the necessary time-under-tension for each targeted body part. And just like all P/S programs, exercise demos and additional coaching content are included.

The hypertrophy program is recommended only for lifters with significant training experience. While building strength and building muscle aren’t necessarily the same thing, strength is a fundamental stepping-stone for hypertrophy. Without a solid foundation of strength to build off of, these workouts are less likely to produce the intended results. Additionally, the formats you’ll encounter with the hypertrophy program can be challenging to implement since you’ll often need to perform multiple exercises in quick succession. This can be a very tall order if you’re not already quite comfortable in the weight room.

If you’re an experienced lifter looking to make some serious gains, the P/S Hypertrophy Program is for you.

Suitable for advanced trainees only

This program includes exercises that require access to a full service gym